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Interessante Studien über Graphen

Oxidative stress-mediated antibacterial activity of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

November 2012
International Journal of Nanomedicine

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Mechanism and Factors Influence of Graphene-based Nanomaterials Antimicrobial Activities and Application in Dentistry

February 2021
Journal of Materials Research and Technology

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Antibacterial effect of graphene and graphene oxide as a potential material for fiber finishes

March 2020 AUTEX Research Journal

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Skin irritation potential of graphene-based
materials using a non-animal test

November 2019
Royal Society of Chemistry

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The Future of Carbon: An Update on Graphene’s Dermal, Inhalation, and Gene Toxicity

August 2020

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Differential cytotoxic effects of graphene and graphene oxide on skin keratinocytes

January 2017
Scientific Reports

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