Since 2009, QS Safety has continuously invested in research and development to invent and patent a proprietary technology which economically transforms graphene into fiber and from there, into all kinds of high-protective textiles used in our safety work gloves.

The investment has paid off and the result is called Kyorene.

QS Safety has more than 70 patents with some of them having global reach.


Kyorene has successfully achieved the official certification of “Verified Graphene Producer”, administered by the “Graphene Council”, the largest and most trusted trade and professional body for the graphene sector. This certification gives confidence that we are a reliable and capable partner to supply graphene materials and graphene enabled products as high-protective work gloves.

Who is The Graphene Council?

The Graphene Council is the largest community in the world for graphene researchers, academics, producers, developers, investors, nanotechnologists, regulatory agencies, research institutes, material science specialists and even the public. The Graphene Council serves as the leading association on all things graphene and supports several organizations whose purpose is to advance graphene and other leading 2D materials.

What does it mean to be a Verified Graphene Producer®?

The Graphene Council administers the Verified Graphene Producer program; the only credential that includes independent 3rd party inspections of graphene production facilities, verification of production methods, and volumes and quality control processes.

On 10/10/2022 QS Safety (and its subsidiary, Kyorene) became 1 of only 5 companies in the world, and the only glove company, to earn the coveted Verified Graphene Producer certification. This verification assures our partners and customers that we deliver authentic, high-quality graphene-based gloves.