Who we are

An amazing story

Kyorene® is the first company to patent a revolutionary modification technology that transforms graphene into a versatile, ecological and affordable fiber, used in particular in the production of high-performance work gloves.

Kyorene® is a multi-purpose brand name used to describe QS Safety’s graphene-based technologies, the largest producer of graphene-based textile yarn in the world.

In order to develop graphene properties that can be produced cost effectively, we have developed the graphene-based textile fiber and an entire range of graphene-based protective gloves.

Through the use of Kyorene® fiber, we have developed a range of protective, resistant, antibacterial, comfortable, flexible gloves, revolutionizing the entire concept of gloves that can be used by workers in the manufacturing sector who require protection, safety and greater skill on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Kyorene® with its graphene fiber provides gloves with great cut and abrasion resistance, according to EN388, as well as great ergonomics.
All for a safer workplace for the workers.

Kyorene® gloves fit many needs. Great for aerospace, automotive assembly, light to heavy duty manufacturing of all types of products. For manufacturing, plastic injection molding, warehouse storage, glass handling and even delicate work.
They are useful wherever people create, distribute or maintain products and services.

Welcome to the work gloves of the future!