Kyorene® by QS Safety - The graphene fibre

The Future is Here

The graphene fiber

Kyorene® & Kyorene® Pro

“The material of the 21st century”


“Lighter than carbon fiber and
many times stronger”

– Richard Branson

Kyorene® & Kyorene® Pro

More than 10 years of R&D work
and 70+ patents

The Magic of Graphene

1.5 grams of graphene can cover
an entire football field

Kyorene® & Kyorene® Pro

Made by the largest graphene-based textile producer in the world: QS Safety

From graphene to Kyorene®

Kyorene® is a multi-purpose brand name used to describe QS Safety’s graphene-based technologies, the graphene-based textile fibre that QS Safety produces, as well as serving as the name for an entire product range of graphene-based protective gloves.

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Introduction to the Kyorene® fiber

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Kyorene’s® properties

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The new 00-810 gloves

an ecovadis gold medal


Discover the story of QS Safety, the largest graphene-based textile producer in the world.

Kyorene F4

Kyorene® F4

Graphene gloves: health & Safety

With more than 30 years’ experience in the hand and arm protection manufacturing business…

What is Graphene?

Made of carbon, a natural occurring element on earth with a never-ending life cycle; Graphene is the lightest, thinnest, hardest and strongest material known to man. Its density is 3X harder than the surface of a diamond, and on an equal weight basis, graphene is 200 times stronger than steel.

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What is graphene